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Seasonal Offer

Festive Courses

Get lost in relaxation with our luxurious treatments designed to nourish and rejuvenate during the cold winter. Opt for our combination treatment featuring a moisturizing facial treatment and refreshing body scrub utilizing Bioprogramming or Absolution line of superior products.


1 December 2022 ~ 28 February 2023

Body Scrub and Absolution Facial 
JPY 36,000

Hydrating body and facial treatment using Absolution products, featuring body scrub to exfoliate the skin and anti-aging face mask to moisturize your skin and regain its radiance. The treatment comes with a travel sized ritual kit containing all the items used in the treatment, to give yourself a moment of relaxation wherever you go.

Bioprogramming Body and Facial
JPY 44,300

A body and facial combination treatment using "Bioprogramming" products, which focus on cell rejuvenation using the power of science. Bringing out the true beauty of oneself, this treatment will give you the ultimate experience of ‘timeless beauty.' The course comes with a gift of soothing face mask used in the treatment, for you to rediscover the plumping skin at home.


Gift For You

Any treatment of 90 minutes or more comes with a gift of EDITION original black tea-scented tin candle. Enjoy our signature blended scent of citrus, smoke, chocolate, pepper and floral notes and a taste of EDITION in the comfort of your home.


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